Aegis Legend Mod 200w Review

Aegis Legend Mod 200w Review


The Aegis Legend Mid is by far one of the best mods about they are very durable and reliable. This mod if perfect for people that work outside or on a construction site where there is a high chance of it being dropped, as it is HIGH SHOCK RESISTANT and IP67 WATER AND DUST RESISTANT it can last 30 minutes / 3 feet under water.

When it comes to vaping, the aegis has got an UPGRADED A S CHIP which is very fast and accurate to get that strong hit with whatever tank you decide to use with it. The mod itself has some wicked features like different colours display and available in different colours and designs. Being a 200w mod it runs off of x2 18650 batteries which can be replaced at any time which is quite handy when you want to swap with charged spare batteries if they run out of charge somewhere inconvenient, batteries should be replaced 6 months to a year so this will be a saviour in the long run as you can get the batteries on their own.  

This is a mod to look out for, also look out for the AEGIS MINI 80W which is also just as good and perfect for classic tanks! 




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