Smok RPM4 Review Cons and Pros

Smok RPM4 Review Cons and Pros


This device succeeds the widely popular rpm kit, SMOK has been consistently compliant with the TPD laws following the standard 2ml capacity that's legally allowed in the UK currently- don't threat if too small as Smok have options for a 5ml pod.

Inside the box you'll receive an RPM4 Pod and RPM4 LP2 Pod (0.4 15 -25 and 0.23 20-45) allowing great flavours for all thicknesses of juices. Whilst lasting a 1-2 week minimum depending on use.

The original RPM coils come with all series up to this current vape and have proved their importance as a staple in the vaping community. The newer LP2 coils although smaller than the original rpm coils however they run at a higher wattage which provides great clouds in tandem with flavour.  Below is a list of pros and cons we've found in store with is particular devise which we hope will be helpful to you the reader alongside some in depth photos.


Smok RPM4 Review Cons and Pros


  • Long lasting coils 
  • Easy to fill
  • Multi coil choice for a Varity of vaping styles 
  • USB-c charging for fast charging 
  • A sleek yet small design 
  • Adjustable from 5 - 60 watts
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece 
  • Adjustable brightness for battery saving 
  • Colour changing ability  


  • When using the higher-powered coils, the battery tends to run down quite quickly 
  • Airflow is smaller than previous rpm mods which may restrict airflow
  • No ohm adjustment 





Overall, the rpm4 is a great kit for someone who wants to start there vaping experience, this kit offers a wide verity of types of vaping so there is a style to suit you, the easy to fill pods are great for users who struggle with filling pods, this kit is perfect for someone who wants a small device that fits in the pocket easily and isn't heavy to carry around all day. SMOK have always made great devices from the very start and continue to do so to the present.

Smok is a widely known company for their big break through with the software available in their kits from the very start, founded in 2010 they still to this day focus on creating the best and most cutting-edge technology for vape devices available on the market. Smok always had a large variety of vaping products available starting from the basic, easy to use level to the more advanced level of vaping styles.


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