Battery Safety Tips

Battery Safety Tips

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We are now going to give you our top ten battery safety tips. 

Using the right charger

The number one cause of problems with vapes is using the wrong charger. Use the charger supplied or recommend by your supplier to minimise problems. We recommend using nitecore chargers.

Dodgy vape batteries are brought into the country and are generally sold on markets and by sole trades. However batteries and chargers are not something you want to skimp on. Overcharge and over discharge protection, ROHS Certification and external battery testing all cost money, so its well worth being wary of cheap batteries and chargers. 

Battery Wrappers 

If your batteries have holes and knicks or even the wrapper is starting to peal, you cant vape safely with the battery. We recommend you replace them when you start to see these signs. 

Avoid carrying with Metal 

Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket with coils or keys as this can be highly dangerous.

Storing your Batteries 

Extreme heat can lead to the resin in batteries

Avoid contact with Water

If your battery falls into or gets saturated with water, cease use. Either return it to the supplier or take it to a recycling station. If you have a damaged battery, dispose of it correctly. If you're not sure how search for hazardous waste disposal service near you. 


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