How to Avoid Vape Spit Backs

How to Avoid Vape Spit Backs

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What is a spit back and why is this happening?

Spit back is the term used to describe little droplets of e-liquid that shoot sup when you're vaping, which can become irritating as well as painful as the droplets are sometimes hot. 

This problem usually occurs when your juice pools onto the coil, where it is being heated rather than being vaporised. This will then cause it to bubble and spit, the trouble is when you inhale from the mouthpiece of your vape you inhale the hot droplets with it. 

How can avoid this from happening? 

There are a few tricks in the book that can solve spit back.

Sometimes increasing your wattage on your mod can simply cure this problem, this is due to the wattage being set too low and not vaporising the juice quick enough. Simply try increasing the wattage by 5 to 10 watts. This should allow the juice to vaporise at the same rate of the wick supplying it. You can check your wattage usually on your coil, this is best to check to make sure you are using you’re vape on the correct wattage. 

Try not to over prime your coil, over saturating your new coil during the priming is one of the main causes of spit back as you may flood the coil causing it to bubble and to spit in your mouth. If you do this by accident simply fire the button your device for a couple of seconds, you will then hear a popping sound of the spit back will fade and you should be all good to go! 

If you are using a RTA or RDA then check your wick as this may be the cause as there may not be enough wick then you will be allowing the liquid to enter the chamber causing a flood leading to spit back. 

Choosing the correct liquids could also be the problem, VG e-liquid is much thicker than PG with a higher VG ratio this can help slow down how quickly the juice saturates the wick as well as cutting down the possibility of flooding. 

Why not try a angled drip tip, angled drip tips are designed to prevent spit back as well as longer drip tips and ones which have a curved design? 


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