How To Prime Coils

How To Prime Coils

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Priming a coil simply means to pre-saturate the wicking material with a e-liquid before using. This moisture from the E-Liquid will prevent wicking material (Cotton) from overheating or burning. By doing this it will also allow the wick to absorb the e-liquid from the tank and deliver it to the coil. 

Why should I Prime My Coil?
  • By priming your coil you will be reducing them horrible burnt hits that no one likes. 
  • Increase flavour intensity 
  • Create a longer lifespan for your coils
How do I Prime My Coil?

Start with removing the old coil and screwing or pulling out the new on in its place, this will make the process easier as adding e-liquid to the coil can be messy at times. 

You will then need to prime your coil, you can do this by putting E-Liquid onto the cotton holes on the side of your coil and then putting a small amount of e-liquid into the middle. 

You will know when you have added enough e-liquid as the cotton stops absorbing the liquid. Please remember that you're only saturating the cotton and not over saturating it as you may cause flooding. This could then get messy and e-liquid may even go in your mouth. 

After assembling your tank and filling it with e-liquid, take 4-5 dry hits (Take a puff without firing the fire button on your mod). This will syphon the juice from the tank into the cotton. Do make sure you do not take too deep or strong hits as you can pull the e-liquid through to your mouth. 

Your coil is made from a wire and cotton, as you know a metal wire when applied into heat will expand and contracts when cool. Therefore, it is good practise to gradually break it in. By this we mean by starting to use your new coil at a lower wattage and gradually increase after 5-10 puffs. This will ensure you that the cotton is primed. 


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