About Us

Based in the heart of Essex, we are proud to present to you our extensive range of the finest high quality E-liquids made right here in the UK. Fogg Father Dedicates itself to crafting and providing not only the best tasting e-liquids but the most affordable premium e-liquids.

For Fogg Father it’s not about big clouds (Even though we like them), it’s about providing a space for people new to vaping to learn what vaping is about, and to be confident that the products they purchase are going to be what works best for them. We don’t want you to just buy the product we want you to enjoy the service we provide. 

We also have a huge selection of branded vaping hardware and accessories to offer you coming at unbeatable prices. Are aim being to provide the best products available on the electronic cigarette market, and as a result, we stock a wide and varied range of vaping products sourced from around the globe.